Shopping Tips – Choosing Your Floor Lamp

These are some important things to remember before buying a floorlamp. Before technology and design improved, this type of lamp was considered more dangerous than other lamps. Find quality items or furniture on

In fact, floor lamps have been known to tipover for centuries. The UL “tipability” standard is the standard for modern floor lamps. This means that the base of your floor lamp will be heavier and it is less likely to fall on a cushion or sofa.

Another dangerous aspect of these lamps was their cords. Cords made of cloth easily caught fire when exposed to the slightest power surge. Floor lamps now come with plastic zip cords instead of the old cloth ones. It was easier for children and animals to touch the old cloth cords or chew them.

It is better to buy a brand new lamp than an antique one. It’s a good idea.

This is simply safer. A second reason is that floorstanding lamps used a wire clamp to attach their lampshades. This was done because the shade was too fragile. This clamp can be used to attach light bulb bulbs.


You don’t have to buy a lamp if you do not find it. You can recycle floor lamps by doing this. If you don’t have the necessary skills to rewire an existing lamp, it is best not to do so yourself. While wiring an old floor lamp may seem simple, it is important to ensure that the base is secure. One wild child or unruly pet could tip it over, and you could have a blaze in no time.

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