Why you should consider investing in gold

There are a few simple reasons you should invest gold. Investing your money in gold will protect you against the imminent dollar crash and help to hedge against inflation. Visit our website and learn more about gold IRA retirement.

The following reasons are why gold investing is crucial:

Your buying power with these dollars will diminish as the dollar continues inflating.
Insurance covers your home and valuables against loss. It is more practical to protect your purchasing ability from future loss when you realize how much you are losing every day because of the hidden taxation associated with currency devaluation.
Insurance that protects against the decline in the dollar is gold and silver coins. Gold is not subject to shrinkage and cannot be printed by government.
If you made $30,000 per annum, you would need to make $50,000 in five years to achieve the same purchasing price as the $30,000 that you started.
If you are looking to retire with $1,150 per months, which is the poverty line income, you’ll need to have $250,000 at the bank earning 5%. Are you sitting on $250,000 of bank deposits?
Do you think the U.S.’s unfunded debt from the Obama Administration will simply disappear with no inflationary consequences?
What do you think will happen in the future to the dollar value if the Obama administration succeeds with its plan to nationalize 18% U.S. GNP by taking over America’s health care industry? You can just imagine the U.S. Imagine the U.S.Postal System providing health care. This will show you how cost-effectively and efficiently it will be.
If future U.S. government debt projections are less dire than they seem, you should still invest in gold. Gold will help protect you against hyper-inflation or accelerating inflation.

To leverage your gains now and accumulate as much before inflation takes off, you should consider investing in Gold. The two items that the government can’t completely control are gold and silver. There is an internationally traded market for them. Silver and gold are real wealth and can be safely held in one’s hands, not in the hands of a bank or private firm that can be seized.

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